Xqdating com

If you’re interested in talking to women or men with a saucy side, you might consider X Dating.

The longer that it lies about how many ladies are around, the worse it’s going to get. If it’s just going to sit there and lie to attract men, then the ratio’s going to stay awful, and that’s just not going to get better.We were immediately turned off by this site and the fact that it just can’t even come close to delivering any sort of real ladies, because all it does is the bait and switch technique.This is a really crappy, scammy site, and we could see that with a single glance. The thing is, whenever you try to make a very simple layout, it just has to be really good…and this one isn’t. This site clearly thinks that it’s trying to be Facebook, but instead, it just looks like cluttered photos all on black and white.That’s really not the way to go, and it’s not going to work.

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