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For a lady to not know how to cook is a serious crime in Nigeria.The popular saying that “the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach” is highly believed.She is taught from little about Marriage cultures and how to keep them.Total humility and submissiveness is the watchword of a typical Nigerian Woman.If you want a Nigerian woman to remain with you, you have to prove that you are tough, hardworking and above all, show her some money. She is a Parrot Have you ever engaged yourself in an argument with a woman?Try a Nigerian woman and you will be unwilling to do so again.She is never easily swayed by a man’s tricky words or actions because before you are done talking, she will tell you where you are headed.In fact, to a Nigerian woman, say one thing and she helps you finish the entire story.6.

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To her, the best way to show off her money or wealth is to hang them in her closet – every ceremony and public gathering come with a new attire.In Britain alone, dating establishments have reached the mark 1,500.Metaflake, a company that specializes in the needs to meet men and women dating, estimated that a third of all new relationships have their creation on a dating site.She is a Good Cook An average Nigerian woman is groomed from birth to be everything a man would expect of a woman and a wife.As such, she gets to learn how to cook all kinds of food.

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