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He's open about his life and easily finds comfort in any conversation.

He always has a lot to say and will flourish in social situations. One of his most desirable qualities is his ability to find the beauty in the most abstract of places.

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Nothing can quite pull attention like the appearance of a well-pronounced tattoo, and nothing is quite as sexy -- unless he has a man bun and a beard, in which case you better put a ring on it, girl.He's colored himself up with his multiple tattoos and isn't shy about it. He doesn't shy away from the fiery and emotional because he can handle those kinds of feelings -- those kinds of layers -- in his world.They're part of life and he strives to ensure his world is brimming with variety.A man with tattoos is not the type to fall through the cracks or go unnoticed.He's aware of the generation before him who think his tattoos are ridiculous and he's aware they think he's some degenerate. His vision is in his tattoos and his heart is reflected in them as well.

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    ) era, you should know that the chances of getting dumped for being too promiscuous (30% said it's "very" or "somewhat" likely) far outweigh your chances of getting kicked to the curb for not being promiscuous enough (only 8% said they'd be very or somewhat likely to do so). But hey -- 56% of men and 48% of women don't want to know all these gory details anyway, according to a 2015 "Singles in America" study by

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