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I've identified eight rules for successful internet dating, but before I pass them on to you, here are one or two happy stories to encourage you to persevere (which, by the way, is Rule Eight, so don't give up just yet).

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"It doesn't matter how many emails you've exchanged or how many hours you've spent chatting on the phone - the first time is a blind date.Men are primarily visual, which is why Harry thinks that a poor photo is the reason behind his "funny, intelligent and attractive" friend's failure to find somebody."Part of the problem is that she's extremely choosy, but part is that she hasn't used a very clear or flattering photo of herself on the websites."Some were more successful than others, but I rarely had a bad experience and genuinely enjoyed the social interaction." When Jackie decided to end her rural isolation and move to a new town, she "started internet dating again in a brand new area.It was a fantastic way to meet people and develop a busy social life from a base of zero friends." She, too, is now happily in love - but I'll come to that later. I don't mean you should lose your heart, just that you should take online dating seriously.

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