Women intimidating men

During this time, I have experienced all range of emotions, as anyone going through this process has.

Frustration, exhaustion, excitement, sadness, happiness; you name it, I felt it. Pride in the fact that I finished a doctorate program in three years while working full time.

Pride in the fact that at the beginning of my program a professor said to us, “Whatever you do, do not change anything about your life circumstances in the next three years” …and instead, I went through a major breakup, a move, and a job change and finished in three years.

Pride in the fact that I finished my degree before age 30, which wasn’t even really a specific goal I had, but I just think it’s cool to say.

We can crack him up, but we also need more than fart jokes or cheap gags to make us laugh.

We can appear cold and distant because we’re not really into small talk.

I have been on dating apps for a little over two years.

During that time, my life has looked very similar to the way it looks now. I have worked at the same organization that entire time.

Plus, many of them can’t handle being the least funny person in the relationship. As soon a dude thinks he has figured us out, we show him a completely new side which makes him feel confused and powerless.

He’d probably rather date someone more predictable and conventional, so he doesn’t look hopeless all the time.

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