Who is the rockstar liz jones is dating

So meanwhile JK and RP have to live with the fact that if you type their names into google the name "Liz Jones" comes up next to them .....No doubt JK and RP find this very amusing with their real girlfriends (Yumi for Jim Kerr and Patti Griffin for Robert Plant) who they are really dating !!!Her comments about the area and in the book The Exmoor Files angered local people. I meet Kerr in a London hotel, he is at the midway point between band rehearsals and the start of a UK arena tour marking 30 years of Simple Minds, formed way back in 1978 from the ashes of Glasgow punks Johnny And The Self Abusers.

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Bit Of Fun Mon 01-Aug-11 "Fabulous article on Liz Jones here." ..... In this internet age when everybody has a camera phone and behaves like freelance paparazzi is it not inconceivable that there exists not one photograph published anywhere in the whole wide world of this person and her rock star 'BF'?

In April 1999, Jones was appointed editor of the UK edition of Marie Claire.

An announcement by Jones during June 2000 that the leading fashion magazines were setting up a self-regulatory body concerning the size of models was "contradicted" by the editors of rival magazines.

Isn't it a bit suspect that his identity hasn't come out.

Surely she should have been photographed with him by now?

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