Who is rabbit from real chance of love dating

for all of these “I am one person who is just so awesome that you group of good looking men/women should embarrass and fight over me in the hopes that I will choose you” … I don’t think I ever expected any of these couples to actually stay together … It all seemed like a bunch of fakeness that was done to forward the careers of a few people. Real chose Doll while Chance chose the contestant known as Hot Wings.Have you ever looked at someone and thought that he/she just looked mean?

Not everyone is clued into the power of a beautiful smile, and some people just have a chronic pissed off looking face.

apparently because the “oh so caring” New York didn’t want to put these poor brothers against each other (really … Real is an essentially a good guy who is caring and loving.

They actually let her go after about 2 episodes because she might be “too much”. because reality TV is almost never allowed to kick off the crazy loud one. anyone named “So Hood” should be on practically until the end.

Background: Real and Chance were are two brothers and also two members of a rap group called the “Stallionaires”.

He actually cried when eliminated because he is interesting dressing guys I’ve seen in a while.

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