Who is mia michaels dating

Mia Michaels is one of today's hottest choreographers thanks to her success with network television hits.From her early life in Florida to her momentous achievements to date, she continues to capture audiences with her stunning creations of movement.Mia Michaels has won and been nominated for many awards over the years, including: A true success story through and through, Mia Michaels is a great example of what a combination of hard work and raw talent can allow one to accomplish.Be on the lookout for more of her work all over mainstream media, from the small screen to the big screen in the years to come.Mia spent a lot of time at summer camps in Jacob’s Pillow, a dance school in Becket, Massachusetts, United States.Choreographer, Actor, Dancer, Author She made her theatrical film debut in a dance musical drama Step Up Revolution in 2012, as a character named Olivia.Mia Michaels is notorious for her powerful movements that engage the dancer's entire being, while reaching straight into the souls of those who are watching.

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Probably most famous for working as a choreographer and judge on the ever popular dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance, viewers have been soaking up Mia Michaels for the Fox television hit.

She also choreographs for the spin off tours and has won an Emmy for her television achievements.

The resulting book, out today, is called It's sure to stump booksellers on which section to shelve it in.

Michaels calls it a workbook slash motivational self-help book, and it has her own life experiences sprinkled among quizzes, lists, charts, inspirational quotes and exercises.

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