Who is lynn collins dating

In 2009, he had major roles in a couple of underrated TV series and movies like: “City Island” and “Magic City”.In family drama, “City Island” he played side by side with Andy Garcia and in TV series “Magic City” he played with stars like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Olga Kurylenko.Viola Lynn Collins, born May 16, 1977, is an American actress. She enjoys storytelling, stating, “From the beginning of time, we’ve told stories, Shamans and Medicine People, and not to be pompous about it, but I feel like that is the lineage I take down and where I come from. She started doing karate when she was four years old.

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While Steven Strait is single at this time, his ex-wife remarried two years after their separation.

After that, Steven played in a couple more critic panned movies and TV series until he got the main role in TV series “The Expanse” in 2015.

That one created some serious fan base as a science fiction mystery drama in space.

She married Matthew Boyle in 2015 and she now has one child with him.

Judging by the brief time Lynn waited after the divorce and immediately got pregnant, maybe that was the problem. That is only a speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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