Who is jon mclaughlin dating

Singer-songwriter and skilled pianist Jon Mc Laughlin is ushering in the holiday spirit this fall with his new EP and a string of tour dates.Born and raised in Anderson, Indiana, Jon began taking classical piano lessons at an early age.

John Mc Laughlin played a set with his band fusing jazz, rock and East Indian rhythms.

May he produce studio recordings during "retirement" that will we may continue to inspire what his music stands for: passion, peace, love, and understanding. Royce Hall - UCLA - Los Angeles This was a great show.

It started with an enjoyable set by Jimmy Herring’s band.

Hollywood took notice of the young songwriter and in addition to using his music for films and commercials, Jon himself was offered a role in the hit film Enchanted, performing his song “So Close.” The song was later nominated for an Academy Award, and in 2008 he found himself onstage at the Oscars reprising the tune in front of 32 million US viewers.

In between the hit songs and television appearances, true to his hardworking Midwestern roots, Jon spent his nights opening for the likes of Sara Bareilles and Kelly Clarkson, recording with Demi Lovato and writing for other artists.

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