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No idea about Sasha, but by the looks of it, she should be at home studying for the SATs. Just because somebody is more beautiful and talented than you, is not a reason to talk smack about them.Get off your high horse, and appreciate Kate for who she is.I feel like my world travels and my upbringing by really liberal parents—that’s something that makes us different.But at heart, and on the spectrum [we are both on] the more boyish/tomboy side—and also the gentlemanly [behavior], we definitely have a lot in common.We talked to her the day after she returned to the New York apartment she shares with Bitch, following a whirlwind six months on the set of Daniela Sea : For a lot of years I’ve just been concentrating on traveling and writing and music…and about a year and a half ago I started taking my acting seriously.I had studied it when I was younger, at Laney College in Oakland. and I moved to the Bay area, like a good gay kid would.

Basically I just said, OK, I’m an actor, and…it just felt to me, now, that there was a place for a person like me in movies and TV. And if any actress should know their way around the complex politics of queer identity, it’s Sea. As the new recurring character, Moira, who falls in love with Jenny Schechter (Mia Kirshner), Sea promises to bring a butch sensibility to the show that has been criticized for playing it too safe on the genderqueer spectrum.See link Of course, it doesn't mean much, does it Kate?Her refusal to answer the sexuality question is hard because she is one of the only actresses I can think of where coming out as straight may actually damage her career and right ... she and that girl were at ok gallery ..i can't believe they called her her girlfriend ..maybe she just a female friend nobody knows ..

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