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As if an adolescence in the public spotlight isn't hard enough, Bush also experienced an incredibly painful loss during her teen years: when she was in high school, her boyfriend, Kyle, died by suicide. Until I was 34, every wish that I ever made, on the flame of a birthday candle or on a star, was a wish that Kyle would go to heaven….

As she told ) that after Kyle's funeral, she was told that Catholics believe that people who die by suicide are forbidden from entering heaven. He died when I was seventeen, so by now I've made half a lifetime of wishes." In 2016 she went to see a healer — and indeed, the encounter was deeply healing for her.

While Jenna has traditionally spent more time in the spotlight thanks to her job as a news correspondent for the , Barbara and Jenna provide an inside look into what it was like growing up in the political spotlight, and what their lives are like now — and between the stories shared there and some of the interviews that Barbara has done over the years, it's clear that she's an impressive woman.

The most prized piece in my wardrobe was a raspberry velvet Jessica Mc Clintock dress with an attached pearl choker — my favorite feature.

But by the time her grandfather was sworn in as the 41st president, the circumstances surrounding her name had changed dramatically.As notes, she soon changed majors — from architecture to the humanities — and after her 2004 graduation from Yale, she sought guidance from the State Department on how best to become involved in global health issues.After college, Bush continued to pursue her increasing interest in global health."I usually start in Tribeca and go up along the water.On weekends, I love running across the Williamsburg Bridge, running around in Brooklyn and then back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge." ), Bush "asked for a sewing machine when she was 13," and then went on to design and sew her own eighth-grade graduation dress. "I like going to places by myself, and I knew so many people who were going to U. [the University of Texas] — all my friends from junior high and high school." She wound up attending Yale, from which she graduated in 2004.

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