Who brandy dating now

He didn’t have it any better here as, after 10 years in 2005, his second marriage to Mary Shackelford ran out of vital marital juice.

He divorced her too in a heavily fought million suit for ‘soul’s damage’ which was filled by Mary as compensations for the innumerable losses she encountered while married to Mr Steve.

We know this because she’s announced that she has reached a twelve scene deal with Brazzers and that after those scenes are complete…she’ll retire from porn. Love finally does close the book on her hardcore career, her exit will surely leave a gaping hole in the MILF porn genre.

Brandi Love was recently ranked #9 on Die-Screaming’s Top 10 Best MILF Pornstars of 2014.

Brandi has two brothers Broderick Steve Jr who is her biological brother and Wynton Harvey who is her half-brother from her father’s second marital journey with Mary Shackelford in 1996.They pull many fans before making their first public appearance and continue to do so no matter the profession they take to.One of such few persons is Brandi Harvey the famous twin daughter of TV show host and comedian Steve Harvey.Her younger twin sister, Kali Harvey is of course married and Brandi was a much talked about attendee of the wedding in 2015 when Kali married Benjamin Raymond.Brandi isn’t married and reasonably has no children of hers, whether adopted or biological.

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