White man dating a black woman

He literally hated the police until he wanted to make someone else do something..stop doing something. I was still figuring shit out myself – I’d never truly interrogated my perspective of whiteness until it was part of my private life, and then I had to take a real look at myself as well as the bullshit views of him, his friends, and his family.

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I, myself, was guilty of thinking that white people gave a fuck until I started building a life with one. No one in a long-term relationship will say that shit is easy all of the time. and I have almost come to blows over soap dispensers. I was prepared for conflict, even super petty shit like that.It was something I got to see first-hand and it irrevocably changed my perspective on white people’s complicity with the status quo.He wasn’t wrong when he realized that I didn’t like white people because of their acceptance, expectation, and adoration of exploitation, harm, and murder…an adoration they constantly lie to themselves about but we witness throughout history and anytime a gun debate arises.I’m never surprised by white people ducking out on racism conversations.White people will do the most obnoxiously racist shit while simultaneously screaming, “I’m not racist” at the top of their lungs.

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