Which online dating service should i use

If I am putting out my honest information for dating purposes I would expect the same courtesy from the people I am looking at.Sorry but all those lies at the front would push me away immediately because there are a lot of liars out there and you being one is bad first impression. What I am hearing is that a fake name is too much, a nickname might work, and Google Voice is a good idea (for the most part, at least).My current boyfriend was completely understanding when I didn't tell him my name at first, and I think any decent person would be.So ladies, please be careful with online dating, the internet can be a sketchy place, and you don't owe someone personal information until you feel comfortable giving it to them.The temporary numbers sound like a good idea, but like others have said, you should probably use a nickname instead or only use your first name.Also, if you have an email address with your full name in it, don't give that out if you don't feel comfortable doing so.In those sorts of situations, if the site allows, you could probably just the first initial of your last name.I can see how it might come across as having something to hide, but I don't think that puts you at a disadvantage since I'm inclined to believe people would give you the benefit of the doubt about wanting privacy before jumping to the conclusion that you're hiding something horrible. Me and my boyfriend are long-distance and while I have him on my favorite 10, he doesn't have a plan like that and uses Google Voice on his i Phone to call me.

I wouldn't use a fake name because that is really weird and paranoid.I think first date is fine for giving out your number if you know you like them.If you're not sure, it's totally okay to not give your last name or anything.So, I have been dating online for a couple of weeks and already I have one guy in particular - a guy who stood me up - now calling incessantly, even using alternate phone numbers and friends to try to reach me to "make it up to me, baby".Anyway, after long conversations with a friend, I've been convinced to get an iphone with disposable numbers for each guy via the Google Voice app.

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