Vs 2480 updating pdf

They don’t make a drive that small anymore, but it was the max size supported at the time (the VS shipped with a 580 MB drive).Luckily when I bought one of the rare CD burners compatible with the VS on ebay (The Que!

I have been trying to upgrade my Roland VS1680 hard-disk multitracker, as it has no CD burner.This file is normally installed automatically by the Logic 7.2 Installer.If you get a Tranz Port out-of-date error message when opening Logic you may need to manually update this file and MUST remove any previous instances of it.NOTE: Can only be used with Mac OS 10.3.9 or later, including Leopard and Snow Leopard!Cubase_Nuendo4_Plugin105- 171KB *This plug-in currently will NOT work with Cubase’s 64-Bit mode but may work in 32-Bit mode.

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