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This essay discusses Asian American bicultural identity, traditional values and customs from root cultures, and how they are still practiced and celebrated by Asian American families and in communities.

It also addresses the ways in which ethnic community influence the lives of the people it serves including residents, as well as how individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds can contribute to the lives of those around them. Chinatown was then, as it still is now, a place of support and security where one could find a bed, job, and social services; a place of cultural familiarity where one could share common food, language, and customs.

By focusing on the theme of building community in the curriculum, students can see beyond the often distorted, stereotypic images of Asian communities as evil, mysterious, exotic places filled with gangsters, warlords and prostitutes, which Hollywood movies and network television so often portray.

Furthermore, students learn to appreciate the value of ethnic communities because of the important roles they play in enabling people to survive.

Online dating is extremely popular among American singles seeking connections.

Despite limitations which ultimately prevent dating online from ever completely replacing traditional methods of courtship, the initial process of finding and initiating contact with like-minded singles poses many advantages.

Nevertheless, most marriages lasted as this was the only way to establish Japanese family life and build healthy Japanese communities in America before this practice was outlawed in 1921 by the Ladies’ Agreement and before the Immigration Act of 1924 prevented further Japanese immigration to the United States.Current trends and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the practice, online dating is shown to be an increasingly legitimate and accepted element of American culture.An inability to predict chemistry is perhaps one of the most limiting aspects of online dating, the advantages to this is a way of finding, introducing, and developing a relationship are significant and numerous.The increasing popularity of online dating is evidence to the multiple advantages.There are many advantages of online dating: here are a few of the most popular.

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