Validating xml using documentbuilderfactory

previously we have already seen that how these parsers works in detail. Application output will look like below snap: package com.g2. Thanks an dregards marco _______________________________________________ This e-mail may contain information that is confidential, privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure._______________________________________________ Hi marco - Your need to validate the XML produced by Ji BX does not mean that you *must* use the schema generator, it just means that you have to create a schema that matches the XML that will be produced by Ji BX during marshalling._______________________________________________ Hi all, I am currently using JIBX to unmarshal XML into java objects.. Does that mean that I need to use schema generator to use my classes?What if I have existing classes (not being generated from the schema)?

This e-mail is subject to terms available at the following link: we look at both DTD and XSD validation package com.jaxp; import In this article, i am going to use the Swing for the UI purpose and for the XML validation against its schema i will use DOM parser as well as SAX Parser. We are using existing classes (from the Ji BX perspective) that are not generated from the XML schema. You could certainly use the schema generator, but it is not necessary.

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