Validating roi

For the stake of simplicity, I’m not adding in delegator rewards to this initial analysis.

My main confusion has to do with how often rewards accrue.

Many people come to the company and say, this is one of the reasons that I joined Autodesk, and that I’m committed to being here is because I do believe in a better world.” – Autodesk Inc [Since I have previously used Alpha Sense to search across all companies on a specific ESG “hot topic,” validating that company carbon reduction is producing ROI and being used for competitive positioning While the inference is very strong that companies are realizing real return on their ESG/Sustainability investments, it is still very hard to find companies that are bold enough to connect the dots specifically with clearly stated ROI correlation in absolute dollars or proportion.

Isn’t it time to start taking credit for your effective Sustainability program performance successes by selectively connecting the large ROI dots?

it means inflation rewards come down to validator every 1 hour. so from 1,000,000atom, you get approximately 12 atom per hour.

validating roi-22

Recently we are observing a clear movement towards planning and evaluation across multiple media simultaneously.

Such clear statements of fact would also help investors and desired third-party raters/rankers/researchers/stakeholders appreciate your company’s demonstrated ESG/Sustainability commitment and efforts even more.

The consumer journey can be a long and winding road - one that gets increasingly difficult for marketers to navigate every year.

and fyi, team is fixing hourly provisioning to blockly provisioning, meaning reward will drop every block(of course each amount is much less than former ones) Summary Instructions This model is to help understand the potential economics for Cosmos Delegators and Validators. Fill out the Inputs section below, and add all One time costs and Monthly...

There is a groundswell of professional observations that ESG / Sustainability has truly gone mainstream over the last several years.

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