Validating cable test jig

Dip Jar has pad printed logos on the front and top face plates.Dip Jar also offers custom colors and printing for high-volume customers.On the left you can see the first test parts for the Salvation Army and The Children’s Miracle Network.The production validation phase (or PVT) is the first official production run.This was solved with a special molding technique and an LED mask (red arrow).Screw bosses are also optimized for both molding and assembly (blue arrow).

validating cable test jig-88

The question being asked during an EVT build is “does my product cover the functional requirements of my specification?The validation phase is the most commonly standardized phase of product development.Validation is a progressively rigorous process to join the design and engineering development and ensure the product can be consistently manufactured at scale.Because sales cycles tend to be longer, demoing an EP with a promise to deliver a production version in a few months is reasonable If your product has a PCB, it’s time to make final optimizations for performance and cost.You can see the final 4 iterations of the Dip Jar LED board which were an effort to reduce cost while maintaining reliability.

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