Validating a model of patient satisfaction with emergency care

The reports defined quality of care as care that is effective in maintaining or improving health and is person-centred, meaning that it is “respectful of and responsive to individual preferences, needs, and values.”Person-centeredness is an essential aspect of quality for two reasons. All three reports emphasized that improvements to quality of health care are necessary to achieve effective universal health coverage, a central theme within SDG 3, that is, to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.One focus of the network is to improve support for women during labour and childbirth from a companion of her choice (such as a partner, sister or friend).Companionship in labour is associated with both improved patient experience, such as more positive experiences of childbirth, and better health and well-being outcomes, such as increased spontaneous vaginal birth, shorter duration of labour and higher 5-minute Apgar scores for the baby.

sociodemographic characteristics, clinical history, prior health care-seeking behaviour); and the type of service (e.g.The first step is to define how person-centred measures of health relate to one another and then to discuss clear steps that researchers, policy-makers and implementers can take to ensure that the measures can be used effectively. 1 illustrates the inter-relationship between measures of patients’ experiences of and satisfaction with care.This scheme builds on the frameworks developed by the Lancet Global Health Commission Patient experience is a process indicator and reflects the interpersonal aspects of quality of care received.1), reflecting whether or not the care provided has met the patient’s needs and expectations. Outcomes, including patient satisfaction, can both affect and be affected by patients’ needs, expectations and values.A patient’s needs and expectations are dynamic and may evolve depending on the care provided and the patient’s awareness of both facility-level (e.g. A patient’s experience of care may have a direct impact on the patient’s satisfaction, as well as an indirect impact through affecting the patient’s needs, expectations and values, which in turn affect satisfaction.

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