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Learn more about Windows 10, Delivery Optimization, and WSUS.Learn more about policy updated for DO in TH2 and RS1.As you figured out we didn’t recommend disabling the Store itself to prevent the store app updates download since it breaks the entire store and makes it inaccessible for the clients.Also, if a machine has already queued for an app update, it doesn’t cancel the existing download.We also recommend that you do not use these new settings with WSUS/SCCM.If you are already using an on-prem solution to manage Windows updates/upgrades, using the new WUf B settings will enable your clients to also reach out to Microsoft Update online to fetch update bypassing your WSUS/SCCM end-point.Look for following entries: 11/17/2016 .74543 AM 6440 6536 downloadjob_cpp183 [Com Api] * START * Download Client Id = WSAuto Update 11/17/2016 .74543 AM 6440 6536 downloadjob_cpp186 [Com Api] Flags: 0X302; Download priority: 3; Network Cost Policy: 0 11/17/2016 .46862 AM 816 7568 downloadmanager_cpp19049 [Download Manager] BITS job hit a transient error, update Id = .1, error = 0x80200056 11/17/2016 .46882 AM 816 7568 downloadmanager_cpp19059 [Download Manager] File:

So actually, the machine is going out to url- only to update the Windows Store Apps.DO in 1511 build is used in about 50% of the downloads, and when DO isn’t used the download switches to BITS.From 1607 build onwards, it is the default downloader for Windows Update and Windows Store content.If it does, then you need to apply a rule to permit HTTP RANGE requests for the following URLs: *.download.**dl.Most of the customers may already have included the first two URLs but may not be aware of the 3rd URL, which is the CDN for Store App updates.In the absence byte-range inclusion, the store app update is not downloaded as delta and instead the entire payload is downloaded which, needless to say, it will be bigger in size.

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