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the storage tank will be heated by the return line on the existing 120 gal tank.

I am doing this because the radiant can operate at a lower temp. 1) source for a 300 gal tank I can assemble on site with components fitting through an entry door ( solar is in down stairs work shop behind garage 2) if I build a tank I will have to have a heat exchanger to get heat transferred into the tank but do I need a heat exchanger to pull hot water out of the storage tank.( second closed loop) ?

They are completely collapsible and require a huge amount of space to produce minimal energy (think 4 feet for 45w).

These panels have been around for a long time, and when you first research flexible solar panels a lot of older blog posts will be referring to these.

I am remodeling our retirement place in Durango CO.

It came with Heathkit ( remember them build your own stereo) domestic hot water system that still works well.

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There are two basic kinds of “flexible” solar panels.

Silicon - thinfilm- think “Goal Zero” and backpacking solar panels.

Once I decided I didn’t want to permanently mount the solar panel I had to decide which one to get.

I was immediately drawn to flexible solar panels because of the weight and portability they provided.

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