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It was with some hesitation that I plugged in my earphones because even though the P2 utilizes the same DNSe audio technology as the K3 and has additional sound enhancements like a 7-band user EQ and “street mode” and “clarity” settings, I don’t equate Samsung DAPs with great sound quality.

Fortunately, my ears and Sennheiser CX300S IEMs tell me that my fears were mostly unwarranted.

Each menu contains a list of items (Settings, for example, includes menu style, sound, display, language, time, and system), but tapping on any of them only it.

Just to find and play a single song, then, takes a total of five screen taps (one on the Music icon in the main menu, two on the “Songs” list within the music menu, and two on the individual song).

Even though the device is quite thin (0.39 inches), it doesn’t feel fragile or like it’s going to snap in half if not handled with care.

Shown above is the P2 with the first-generation Microsoft Zune, Samsung K3, original i Pod nano, and Toshiba gigabeat T400.On the right side are a hold switch and a button that turns the player on/off (press and hold) and controls the play/pause media function (quick press). The volume can also be controlled by sliding your finger or thumb up/down the touchscreen, starting from the middle right side, but I find its responsiveness to be a bit sketchy.It’s faster and more accurate for me to use the hardware controls.I’ll go into more detail on how the touchscreen is used in the “User interface” section below.First, let’s take a tour around the device to see what kinds of hardware buttons and ports it has to offer.

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