Updating psp with usb

Depending on your Wifi connection, it might take a while to successfully download some of the offered files.2009-03-14 2009-05-21 To run GNU Free Dink on PSP, you need to disable the "tivoization" that restrict you from running your programs on your hardware.If you want to flash your PSP, you usually had to use a USB connection or a card reader to put the Custom Firmware files onto your memory stick, since the PSP is usually unable to properly download them itself. It is now possible to download & install a PSP Custom Firmware directly onto your PSP.If you happen to not own an USB cable for your PSP, but also not a card reader for your PSPs memory stick, then this solution will be something for you: You only need a working Wifi connection, your PSP itself and around 2-12 Megabytes of free space on your memory stick (or internal storage).Once the download has finished, hook up your Sony PSP to your Windows PC – I have Win XP Pro – and make sure that on your PSP you choose ‘USB Connect’ (I have more details on how to do that in . Assuming that you, like me, don’t yet have 2.0, you’ll want to choose “Start”, go through the user agreement (are there too many lawyers on this planet or what? You’ll see three choices, one of which is “Delete”.Choose that, and you’ll have just deleted the now-obsolete update file.Links: The goal of this page is to unlock your PSP.A program that is not signed is nicknamed "homebrew".

The first step is to go to the Sony Playstation Web Site and make sure you have all the required items there. You should now be the proud owner of a Sony PSP unit that has the 2.0 firmware system installed, which means you now have a Web browser and lots of other spiffo updates to the system.

The site you are getting redirected to is prepared to enable your PSP to directly download the custom firmware files onto your memory stick (or internal storage), which will also be placed in the correct directory (ms0:/PSP/GAME/).

The only requirement is that your PSP has to run a supported firmware (6.20, 6.39, 6.60 or 6.61), but that can be done by the build-in wireless system update feature, which will let you install the official system software 6.61.

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