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Disks can fail, bugs can happen, and if you've put a lot of time in setting up your library then you should play it safe.

To backup simply export the library using For Kodi to update the library from a previous version, you may need to make changes to your My SQL server.

Starting with the My SQL resource provider version release, updates are cumulative and do not need to be installed in the order in which they were released; as long as you're starting from version or later.

To update of the resource provider you use the Update My SQLProvider.ps1 script.

The process is similar to the process used to install a resource provider, as described in the Deploy the resource provider section of this article.

If you are having troubles with file permissions on Linux servers, please contact your server administrator to help you make sure PHP has write access over the File Run application files.

message: is version 5.7.17, but the My SQL Server to be dumped has version 5.7.18.

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