Updating mysql data with php uniform dating websites

Here's what I have so far, I can get the turnout and percentage to update using the $sql update command at the bottom, however the other data is a list of names which I cannot get to update, see $sql1 command.

Hi Can anyone please tel me why my code is not updating my My SQL database? It does how ever tell me that the update is successful, but there is no update.

In the above example, the SET section of the statement identifies the column to be updated and the value to which it is to be changed.

The WHERE section of the statement identifies the row, or rows to be updated.

The UPDATE statement requires a few items of information in order to operate.

Firstly, it needs the name of the table that is to be updated.

I've written a php page to load data from mysql table based on dropdown selection which is also populated from table, I then want some of the data to be able to be changed and then when submitted written back to the database.If you eliminated the comma like r937 said, and you added the code wackyjoe and I gave you, and you added the 'echo $query;' as well (without ' ), then you should have some output. I hard coded this in Notepad and only did the appearance using Dreamweaver. The duplicte session input was an error in my posting, and as for the variable names that I assigned to $_Post, I honestly don't know why I did that.Sorry I have to apologise to guido2004, I missed a part of the code that you said I should use to replace mine. I am still very new to PHP and My SQL so learning a lot at the moment.Can someone tell me why I am unable to update a table in mysql using php with session data.First of all, I have done some reading around daniweb and Im not sure if i should be using UPDATE or INSERT to update the table.

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