Updating my office

So if you don’t want to waste your time with these kind of surprises, it is best to remain in the Current Channel.

The Semi-annual Channel (Targeted) contains the new features and fixes that will ultimately be added to the Semi-annual Channel.

This release is supported for 18 months after its release.

Detailed information about the Semi-annual Channel can be found in the Tech Net article: Overview of update channels for Office 365 Pro Plus.

For all channels, any security updates will be released once a month.

For the Semi-annual Channel, these updates will not be combined with any additional changes or features unless required by the security update.

If you don’t have this section at all, you are using an MSI-based installation.

Based on which channel you are in and which license you have, you’ll get certain updates sooner or later than others.

Depending on your subscription and installation type you can control which channel you are in.

The following Office Update Channels, newest to oldest, are available.

Office Account Next to the About Outlook button, you’ll find which version and build number you are currently using and which Update Channel you are in.

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