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The company has a webpag dedicated to explaining its reasons to stop support for 32-bit apps on the Mac.

Essentially, Apple believes these legacy apps won’t offer a good user experience because they slow down your Mac.

Apple indicated that 32-bit support in Mojave will be with compromises.

So, if you are seeing a warning about an app it’s a good indication that the app you are using might encounter issues if you try to run it in Mojave.

Even if it does run in Mojave, the next version of mac OS will not run 32-bit apps at all, so it's soon going to be time to upgrade to a newer version of your old app, or find an alternative.

Therefore the first thing to do is to check whether any of the apps you are currently using on your Mac are 32-bit and make plans to stop relying on them by September 2019 if you will want to update to the version of mac OS that launches then.

In this article we'll take a look at the apps that aren't compatible with Mojave and offer some fixes that could get those apps working for you.

Apple released Mojave in September 2018 so it's been available for download for a while.

Apple isn’t ending support for these 32-bit apps just to spite you.

And if you are wondering if your Mac is compatible with Mojave, read this.

As we mentioned above, the latest (as of April 2019) figures suggest that 43.7% of Macs are running Mojave, while 23.6% are running High Sierra and 11.8% Sierra.

It is also possible that some apps will work, but they may be buggy or there may be some setting you need to change in order to get them to work.

Before updating it's a good idea to check if any of your apps may not run as well as they did in older versions of the Mac operating system - which is probably why you are here reading this.

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