Updating ipod touch from 1 1 5 to 2 0

New multitasking features for i Pad allow you to work with two apps simultaneously, side-by-side or with the new Picture-in-Picture feature.

And, built-in apps become more powerful with detailed transit information in Maps, a redesigned Notes app, and an all-new News app.

Go to my website: marcos1146com Go on the Internet an download limera1n to your desktop and then plug in your i Pod then press limera1n and something will pop up and it will say make it rain and press it and then it will be jailbrocken First of all, you have to make sure that ipod has been registered on the itunes. On the button there is a button that either says sync of apply. Download latest Itune9 from After that plug in your ipod touch,make account username & serial no of your ipod.

If you don't have itunes you need to download it off the apple website.( Once that is downloaded register your ipod touch on the itunes. Then click itune store you will see all the free & paid games application.

To Jailbreak you have to download blackra1n from here then click the windows logo or apple logo then load up blackra1n after download insert your ipod and double click balckra1n then click make it ra1n. It will entre recovery mode then you should see a kid with…

With this update your i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch become more intelligent and proactive with powerful search and improved Siri features.

Well, for the 4th gen to the 5th, you can make them there on the i Pod by clicking the create album in the corner and dragging your picture, but with the older generations, you would have to create them online and then download them on to your i Pod. Go to on your ipod touch and you can directly jailbreak your i Pod Touch from your i Pod.

make an acount in itunes plug in the ipod touch click download takes 5 to 10 mins and it will be done then u ave to get wifi u will have to know someone's password to do that then Bye A jailbreak on an i Pod Touch is when a person has 'jailbroken' their i Pod Touch so they can customize the lock screen slider and make chimes when they unlock their i Pod Touch. Plug in your ipod touch and wait a couple of seconds, and then it should automatically sync on there on if it doesn't click on sync. you make an itunes account online then go to games, then click a game you like, then if you are fine with the price (some games are free) then you click download.

And improvements at the foundation of the operating system enhance performance, improve security and give you up to an hour of extra battery life.

What's New in i OS 9.3.5: i OS 9.3.5 provides an important security update for your i Phone or i Pad and is recommended for all users.

Whited00r 5.1 is basically an unofficial custom made i OS build that includes many of the i OS 5 features and has been optimized to run on the older hardware.

With Whited00r, you’ll get multitasking, wallpapers, folders, and variations of Reminders and Newsstand, and it’s claimed to be much faster than the default i OS 4 installations that drag the i Phone 3G down.

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