Updating gps systems

No, the European maps are formatted for the European Navigation Systems, which are different systems to those fitted in North American cars. If your issue relates to the most recent map version (as in cases of the latest model year of vehicle), please contact the GM Nav Disc Center at 877-628-3472 and an agent will assist you. My GM model and year does not appear to have a disc available, why is this?

This site supports the current range of GM vehicles with map updates available for their navigation systems.

Detailed Traffic To enhance your system even more, subscribe to Sirius XM Traffic (dependent on which system your vehicle is equipped with).

You’ll get advanced traffic information that’ll help you get around gridlock, and to your destination on time.

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for cars with CIC and NBT navigation system (which has an integrated nav system on an internal hard drive HDD).

All you need to do is update your maps before you hit the road and you will always know the route ahead.

The Places directory is pre-loaded with over one million popular US destinations like restaurants, gas stations, banks and more.

[*] Address Book You can store up to 50 favorite locations in your address book, which is especially handy for those confusing neighborhoods and places you drive to just a few times each year.

Click here to purchase your Nissan Navigation System map update today.

Places Directory In addition to directions, your navigation system can help you find nearby services.

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