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This conflict would cause a transient object being created in the connector space.The Connector can ignore the objects that have been selected in Domino as replication victims.IBM Lotus Notes client and Domino servers communicate using Notes Remote Procedure Call (NRPC) where NRPC should use TCP/IP.The default port number is 1352, but can be changed by the Domino administrator.

NET platform and Lotus Notes client and supports access to Lotus Domino documents and views.

In this way, attribute references can be preserved.

By enabling this setting and if the content of a reference attribute is not a DN format, a _Contact object is created.

To Create a Lotus Domino connector, in Synchronization Service select Management Agent and Create. If your version of synchronization service offers the ability to configure Architecture, make sure the connector is set to its default value to run in Process.

On the Connectivity page, you must specify the Lotus Domino server name and enter the logon credentials.

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