Updating a new englander

I can wear a bandana around my hair like a headband now without the hair sticking up all weird in the back!

A bit shorter/lighter than the hawken, a plus in my book. [.50 cal sidelock- didn't check twist rate] Also- is this a new / current model?

[edit: I found out these people call themselves the Keezletones, since they are from Keezletown-- which is a town away]Last night was a reminder of this.

I spent the evening (as I usually do on Thursdays) at the Little Grill Collective along with my usual LGC crew- and also Natalie, a friend from undergrad who recently got an internship down here (it was so nice to have a little taste of home).

I wish I could have filmed last night, it would serve as the perfect illustration to what I love about being down here and why I hold LGC so close to my heart.

One thing for sure is this town and its music has seeped into me more than I ever thought it would.

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