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Trans women and trans people in general face heightened levels of domestic and sexual violence in the UK, with The only time we hear about men dating trans women is in some Hollywood scandal where a man was ‘caught’ paying for an escort, or on online relationship advice forums where horrified women report that their husbands are having affairs with trans women.

Most of them start questioning their husband’s sexual orientation and say it’s even worse than if he was just having an affair with a woman who wasn’t trans.

Online subcultures on websites like 4chan and Reddit call trans women ‘traps’ – which could be described as tantalising and beautifully passing creatures that lure innocent heterosexual men into having (‘gay’) sex with them without telling them they’re trans, as the ultimate game of deception.

Because we all know that women’s sexual activities or desires are of course always centred around the pleasure of men.

Instead of asking me the standard questions about where I’m from and where I work, they started asking whether I’d had ‘the op’ and whether he was now gay or bisexual.

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