Troy aikman dating 2016

Troy Airkman is often credited for taking his team Dallas Cowboys from bottoms to top of the football league.One of the longest serving players for the Dallas Cowboy (played 12 consecutive seasons for the team), Troy Aikman was a renowned UCLA quarterback, arguably the best, whom Dallas Cowboy drafted as the overall No 1 Pick in the 1989 NFL draft.A year after retiring, he joined Joe Buck in the announcing booth for Fox Sports.Super Bowl LI will be his fifth Super Bowl as a color commentator.Previously, he started to play in 1984 in the University of Oklahoma under the head coach Barry Switzer. After he got retired as a player in 2001, Aikman started working for Fox NFC telecasts as a color commentator.As of in the year 1993, he was the highest paid sports person in the national football league.Back in March 2012, Reality reported that Worthey was going to star in The Real Housewives of Dallas.Bravo’s Andy Cohen claimed that the show would be ready by early 2013.

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The couple dated for 18 months before getting married.

Currently, he is earning more than 1 million dollars per year by the Fox network while Troy Aikman net worth is million.

In 2015, Troy sold his Highland Park house for .4 million. Prior to his marriage, he dated with many gorgeous ladies like Janine Turner who was an American actress; he also had relationship with the country singer Lorrie Morgan from 1989 to 199.

The site reported at the time that Aikman and Worthey began splitting their assets two months before they separated. Aikman was last known to be dating model Tracy Ripsin.

She told DFW Style Daily in 2014 that the two met through mutual friends in 2014. It was reported by Bused Coverage that the two attended Joe Buck’s wedding together.

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