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The launch of a beta version is scheduled for the end of July and in August, the new service is supposed to embark on its permanent presence online.

Apart from that, a TV campaign is planned as well as the expansion into those markets where e Darling is represented already.

Four out of 10 Austrian men would only date woman with a toned body and only eight out of 10 Italian men would expect a woman to be honest.

Tellingly, just eight out of 10 Italian women expect their men to be faithful.

“So far, we weren’t able to offer an appropriate service to the latter group.

This will be different from now on.” Moreover, better Date is expected to become the company’s innovative platform, which then could be used to intensify the presence in social networks and on mobile devices.

We hope that you understand and support our intention to make acquaintances (that could be probably made through the more and more popular Online dating Agencies) easier, safer and of a better quality.

Research by the online dating agency, PARSHIP quashes that widely-held perception of Irish women as relaxed, easygoing types and paints us as high-maintenance madams who won’t settle for second best.

Seven out of French men place the highest importance on looks with the second most attribute being intelligence.

While honesty was seen as vitally important by 97% of Irish women, this figure fell to 91.6% amongst their male counterparts.

Irish women certainly seem to value openness, with nearly 88% seeing it as an important characteristic of a male partner. And not only do Irish women want all the characteristics of the ‘new man,’ more than 80% of them also want a good lover.

So the message for Irish men from Irish woman is that they must be prepared to indulge Irish woman’s every mood, discuss feelings at length, be as loyal as Rover the Dog before turning into an Olympian lover.

Psychiatrist and PARSHIP dating expert, Dr Victoria Lukats has hypotheses that might explain women’s higher standards.

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