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This was followed by a media propaganda in 2006, the year in which influential people in Saudi Arabia started speaking out that Israel was no longer among the enemies of the United States, but was the closest to an unofficial ally.This discourse has developed and turned into Saudi initiatives to establish ties between the two countries in 2008.

The Wikileaks leaks on Saudi foreign correspondents also confirmed the existence of signs of relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv not only at the official level but also at the grassroots level.

In this context, Salman Al-Ansari, the founder of the Saudi lobby in the United States, called for a “cooperative alliance” between Riyadh and Tel Aviv based on “common regional and economic interests.” He pointed out also that “there is a historic opportunity for a new era of peace and prosperity.” According to the news website that Israel is “uniquely positioned to help its neighbor in economic development in the coming years.” He considered that the political dialogue between the two sides is not only in the interest of the two countries but also in the interest of the Middle East and the international allies of Saudi Arabia and Israel.” According to , Al-Ansari wrote that Israel is “one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries in the field of mining,” and added that it is “one of the world’s leading countries in the water engineering industry,” which are two issues of great importance to Saudi Arabia.

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This suggests that similar activities occur routinely and it is not a separate act of a person or group of people who hold Saudi citizenship and reside in the United States and who have acted in an individual way.

It rather comes under the auspices of a US government program involving most of the friendly countries of the United States – including Saudi Arabia and Israel – and aware of its objectives and stages.

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