Teen cyber dating information

Your parents can support you and help you make the right decisions about what to do next.

If you decide to report the suspicious activity or person, there are two web sites you can go to: Admittedly, the Internet is completely awesome.

You’ve probably come across some explicit sexual material on the Internet.

That’s because pornography is big business on the web. In real life, real people don't act that way with each other.

They may also help you avoid potential problems if a web site or new "friend" looks sketchy.

So why would you tell Cool Guy985 or Hot Chick16 from the chat room? Sure, it might seem funny to the “former” friend, but it’s serious and it happens everyday.You just have to be super-cautious and make sure other people you know and trust also know this “new” online person.If you do decide to meet the new person, bring your parents with you.Even if your parents don’t know much about the Internet, tell them what types of web sites you go to.They will probably be interested and impressed with your Internet skills.

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