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"They were not your typical middle-class parents that I was surrounded by.They didn't ask for anybody's phone numbers when I went out."[The book] is about the embarrassing situations I find myself in." Like when she took mushrooms with her brother while on a family vacation in Martha's Vineyard (an episode resulting in her having hallucinations of flying babies). Everyone in Handler's life is a target, from her dog, Chunk, to her dad and her ex-boyfriend Ted Harbert (even though the latter is technically her boss, as the current president and CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group, which includes Handler's show's home on E! "[Ted] has read the book and signed off on everything, so he should be fine with it," says Handler, though she does compare him to a "large toddler" in its pages.It's better than how she describes her now-retired used-car-dealer father."I don't think anyone would come to the show thinking that [diva behavior] was acceptable.That's not really how I roll." There are pleasant surprises, however.The miracle here is that the only entourage this 13-year-old had in tow was her mother.

"If I can keep it together for the entire day, then you have to keep it together for the 10 minutes that you're being interviewed," she says of her TV guests.

, “Sandra’s ready to be set up, she loves the idea of meeting one of Amal’s friends who isn’t in the industry.” We’re not exactly surprised that Amal is lining up potential dates for her new hubby’s BFF Sandra. Rumors of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock’s secret relationship and never-ending love saga have been floating around for years.

If you were Amal wouldn’t you be more than happy to find your husband’s “best friend” (and possible mistress) a boyfriend?

"They'll say you can have this person only if you'll have this person who's not as successful or famous," just like baseball cards, but plus Zac Efron and minus Alex Rodriguez.

"If your client knew what you were doing, then they wouldn't be having you represent them." Such straight talk about Hollywood has become Handler's trademark, as anyone who is familiar with her show or best-selling books knows.

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