Tall model dating

We can do things by ourselves, and you’ll feel even better about yourself once you realize you don’t always need some strong man around.Have you ever seen a movie where the male lead is shorter? The media portrays that this is how couples are supposed to look, and we’ve been seeing it our entire lives. (Patiently waiting for a plus sized princess @Disney!And one of the more common deviations from the ideal of femininity is being very tall, particularly when you're not model-thin.We've all seen very tall girls hunched over, pulling awkwardly at their clothes, or generally looking hyper-aware of the fact that they're taller than most of the guys around them – and hyper-aware that most of the guys probably aren't comfortable with it. At the time, it was such a joke amongst all of my friends, but it’s starting to become a reality.I catch myself swiping right more on guys who are taller, and swiping left as soon as I see a shorter height.

You can swipe right or left without even reading someone’s (possibly very telling) bio!

If you can’t feel good about yourself on your own, how can you expect to fully accept and love someone else? Women have been taught for centuries that we’re meant to do the housework and bear the children, while the men make the money.

We’ve made impeccable strides in this arena, it’s important to note how these roles still perpetuate even the strongest of feminist icons.

I make an effort to seem more feminine and less intimidating, and have even caught myself having a more high-pitched voice on first dates (and I ALWAYS wear flats on a first date, even if the guy is tall).

I'm on a dating site and I get A LOT of messages about my height in kind of weird, fetishy ways.

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