Table of organization for consolidating fire departments

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The beginning of Yale locks including the invention of pin tumbler locks .

On the second floor, the design creates privacy with individual bunkrooms encircling a shared core of private toilets and laundry room.

Again, multiple paths of response to the bays are direct with two stairs and a sliding pole to the level below.

Is it because these men and women put their own personal well-being at risk by running into burning buildings, by cleaning up hazardous materials spilled on the highway or by controlling chemical fires?

Are they admired because they are always on call, 24 hours a day, to be there to help a loved one suffering a heart attack or to extricate a trapped victim in an upended vehicle on the highway?

According to work done by Cindy Ell, president of the International Firefighter Cancer Foundation, when compared to the general population, firefighters demonstrate: • 100% higher risk of developing testicular cancer • 50% higher risk for multiple myeloma, an incurable bone cancer • 50% higher risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma • 28% higher risk of prostate cancer • Increases in brain, colon and thyroid cancers and malignant melanoma • Increases in breast cancer While scientific studies connecting what firefighters do with their health consequences is still in their infancy, common-sense observations and actions can be made about exposure to carcinogens, transport of the cancer-causing agents back to the fire station and control measures to limit their impact.

The traditional view of the neighborhood fire station is the base from which emergency services are delivered, which is still an accurate view.However, in the face of the health information above, that view is not enough.An expanded view and understanding of a fire station must be developed by both the design professionals and department leaders to address the role of the same fire station as a receiving and distribution depot for cancer-causing chemicals.The lock was made in stamford ct and has the patent dates on the bottom as .Forum Antique- Locks The Forum Miscellaneous Question & Answer Forum; Yale and Towne Lock ..

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