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They also had a baby girl named Leyah, who was stillborn in 2007. and Tiny have had three kids since they started dating in. talked about fatherhood and how being honest with his kids is the best form of parenting. I think that’s what is really important; just give them the game, the game necessary to navigate yourself through life,” he said. It’s something that you never really master,” he admitted. They have three children together, as well as four from previous relationships.He notably walked the BET Awards red carpet alone on Sunday as Tiny is reportedly mulling a divorce from her husband of nearly eight years. “Despite being upset and feeling the pain of being at a party with Asia’h, Tiny kept it classy and stayed on the opposite side of the room,” the source went on.“Tiny would occasionally throw a sideways glance or even a mean look in the direction of Asia’h, but that was it.“She refuses to be anyone’s side piece, so for now, she is going to stay quiet until T. breaks away clean from Tiny for good.” And apparently, Epperson — who was one of a few women T. defended in an alleged racial profiling incident in May — is leaving it up to the MC to decide what the public learns about their relationship.“ is not going to confirm or deny any rumors about her and T. is in the wrong and needs to stop all the nonsense; he is setting a bad example for his kids.” Something else Tiny was recently hurt by is the fact that her husband’s mistress showed up to the BET Awards So So Def 25th Anniversary Party Thursday, June 21.In 2018, Zonnique changed her eye color, opting for the same cosmetic surgery that her mother used to change her eye to icy grey.She later had the procedure reversed, however, citing ocular pain and a fear that she could go blind.

Meanwhile, Tip and Major have decided playing sick is the best way to find uninterrupted peace and quiet.

In Touch Weekly reports that a fan asked Zonnique whether they should do the procedure on Instagram, and she warned against it.“I can say that the experience wasn’t the best in the long term but everyone is different. “My eye started bothering me, and the doctor told me that ‘you could possibly go blind.’”.

“He produced on the record, it’s called Light Day’,” the rapper told the Breakfast Club. I negotiated with him like, if I got this beat from somebody else, what would I be willing to pay for it? And I felt it was a dope beat.” Domani Harris, born March 16, 2001, is also involved in the music industry.

“Thx to my jeweler @elliotavianne for imprinting my babies footprints in the back of the feet!! Learn to be original.” We ALL Love You, Miss you, & Appreciate you for your love,service,& lifetime dedication to US!!! Now we owe you to NOT be selfishly consumed by our pain,but to be HAPPY for you claim your peaceful place in paradise. We’ll be miserable for a while for missing your physical presence, but your lessons of love,words of wisdom & historical memories WILL NEVER DIE!!! She was recovered from the scene and kept in Intensive Care until her death on February 22.

And while We’re ALL Happy to see you get your well deserved wings of eternal peace…

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