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Despite managing to escape elimination several times with Hidden Immunity Idols and an Immunity Challenge win, he was finally eliminated at the final 7. I once wrote a computer program to crate train my dog. Three words to describe you: Intellectual, jovial, and driven. Getting my robotics research made fun of on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After the tribe lost the first Immunity Challenge, Tribal Council was canceled due to Pat Cusack's medical evacuation.

Retrieved from Age: 32 Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Current residence: Tallahassee, Florida Occupation: Robotics Scientist Hobbies: Clarinet, primarily classical. This was good news for Christian because he wanted to work with Nick, the likely target for that Tribal Council due to his perceived lack of work ethic. At camp, Gabby talked to Christian about voting out Jessica Peet after an awkward conversation with Jessica and Bi in which they discussed voting out Lyrsa.

On Night 22, Davie played his Hidden Immunity Idol on Christian, negating the seven votes against him, and John was blindsided.

On Day 24, the Davids searched for an idol which Christian found using his "Breadth First Search" strategy that allowed him to quickly determine the most likely spots an idol would be found. That night, he received three votes, but Dan was blindsided when former David Carl Boudreaux used his Idol Nullifier to negate Dan's idol.

Though Angelina was frustrated the Goliaths didn't listen to her last time, she went along with the plan.

Nick caught wind of the plan from Alec, and asked Davie if he would consider playing his idol on Christian.

At the merge, Christian became a part of a cross-tribal alliance called the Strikeforce with Nick, Gabby and former Goliath's Alec Merlino, Alison and Mike White.

At Tribal Council, he played his idol negating the five votes against him, and Gabby was blindsided, even though Christian voted against Alison.

Following Tribal Council, he realized Nick was not with him.

On Day 28, Christian defeated Alec to win immunity, in part due to his ramblings and attempts to make conversation with Jeff.

Despite wanting Carl out for his bossiness, he contributed to Alec's unanimous elimination at the subsequent Tribal Council.

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