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Despite his borrowing from other sources, perhaps in large quantities, the Beowulf poet nonetheless manages to add his own specialized view of his characters' world.

First and foremost, Beowulf's author is a Christian, and he makes the Christian world extremely visible.

Just getting started and want to do marriage right? God wants us to thrive in marriage but most of us haven't been taught how.

Welcome to the Marriage Refresh Online, super for a couples Bible study! The study has six 40 minute video sessions professionally recorded for online viewing.

I wouldn't change a thing, I will be recommending this to others." (previous viewer) The study is created and presented by Dr.

Wyatt Fisher who is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in Marriage Counseling. Fisher is on the Focus and the Family referral list and a professor at Liberty University.

I also thought Wyatt had great stories, a great speaking voice, and was very engaging." (previous viewer) All couples....was easy to answer!

Your purchase never expires and there's no limit to how many times you can view the sessions.

This seminar is based off the popular Total Marriage Refresh retreats in Colorado and Texas.Between 1066 and the Reformation, the whole volume remained in a monastic library until Sir Robert Cotton gained possession of it for his own extensive library.A fire consumed much of his library, and the volume containing Beowulf became badly charred.Beowulf directly uses many ancient stories that have been preserved in later texts, such as the legend of Sigemund and the account of the war at Finnesburh.In addition, the poem is written with the traditional epic diction, with whole phrases taken from the other bards who sang the legends incorporated.

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