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We also have young and old sexy couples who just want someone to watch and play too.Don't forget our hot gay men and our live trannys too.(ICE said that hundreds of the detainees were released within a day of the raid, pending the outcome of their cases.)Mississippi’s governor, Phil Bryant, commended the work of prosecutors and ICE agents, tweeting, “If you are here illegally violating federal laws, you have to bear the responsibility of that federal violation.” .“Blu said her heart was breaking for these kids,” Ericksen tells PEOPLE.“And I said, ‘My congregation is reeling from this.’ “RELATED: Record-Setting Immigration Raids Leave Behind Stranded Kids Amid Fierce Debate Mc Call described to her reaction to the raids: “It’s traumatized babies, families. None of them want to see this happening to kids.” (She did not respond to PEOPLE’S request for an interview.)Ericksen says that Mc Call and her “girls” wanted to start a fundraiser, and “I started brainstorming with a stripper on how the church could help.”That support took the form of purchasing uniquely designed (and very G-rated) T-shirts from one of Mc Call’s former coworkers, on Etsy.

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