Sterger dating

Sterger’s camp realizes the potential damage that could be done by Torres, who unlike Sterger has cooperated with the NFL.

“This is someone who is clearly trying to exploit an unfortunate situation and capitalize on the opportunity to see her name in print,” Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, told the Post.

The fact that, according to Torres, Sterger apparently had a collection of naked photos from celebrities would undermine the notion that a middle-aged quarterback was preying upon a young, innocent girl who was merely trying to make a living.

“She could make millions if she ever cashed in on all the naked photos she gets from friends,” Torres said.

Sterger also claimed in the latter part of the case that Favre asked her for a video of herself masturbating.

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She also bragged about having other famous athletes penis photos. However, as the story began circulating and picking up speed online, with negative press and public attention, Steger hired a lawyer and started stating she is a victim, which seemed contrived at that point.In the Judiciary Report's opinion, the messages were not lewd, but unethical, as he is married.As the authenticity of the penis photos were not verified, Sterger's point regarding them became moot.This week, David Letterman, Jay Leno and Phil Hendrie have all weighed in on the scandal.Click here for a previous article on the scandal that includes the incriminating cell phone photo that allegedly shows Brett Favre naked from the waist down.

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