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To stop subscribing you have to go through several layers on the site to find the button which then sends you a code.

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Tip for consumers: Log in to your account and make sure you are not signed up for a recurring membership charge. If you have a 'platinum' membership, then you WILL be charged after the 'free' trail month.Some people were cramped in a corner and some were sat on the edge of a small wall table. They make it so hard to cancel your membership to their terrible dating service: You need to go to the bottom of your account page, click on a small, hard to read bit of text, then click cancel membership, then you receive an email code that 'you need to enter next time you log into the site'! Besides all this the people participating in the event, both men and women, were very friendly, but I don't need to pay £20 to meet friendly people in a clumsy, cramped, uncomfortable environment. Wasn't told the location but would be told on day. Been trying customer service for a refund and surprise no answer. I've found myself in a scrap with some thieves for my cash.well I couldn't find anywhere to put this cancellation code! Thankfully my banks going to win this one for me because I'm taking the necessary action early enough against this scummy outfit.I have been to one event so far and it was the most fun had in a very long time!The people at the party were funny and interesting.

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