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Come the revolution, the casinos were closed, and the people started to dance ‘casino’ style in the local community halls.

The name stuck, so don’t be confused when a Cuban invites you to go out dancing ‘casino’ you’re off to the salsa club!!

Leading musicians playing New Yorican Salsa: Celia Cruz Willie Colon Eddie Palmeiri The Spanish Harlem Orchestra Jimmy Bosch Salsa Dance The high concentration of Puerto Ricans and Nu Yoricans in New York, means that the New York salsa dance style is strongly Puerto Rican influenced, with an emphasis on fast flash footwork.

But, there‚is also a strong Latin Hustle influence in New York salsa dancing.

In Cuba, the people used to get together in large halls, called ‘Casinos’ hence the name.

Some say it started in Santiago de Cuba, others say it started in the famed Casino Deportivo in Havana, or the Casino de la Playa, I don’‚t know for sure, I wasn’t there!

“Casino Rueda” or “Salsa Rueda” are English versions of the correct name, due to the fact that the grammatical structure of English is a bit backwards from Spanish!

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But once Fidel came to power, diplomatic relations fell apart between Cuba and the US.

In the decadent days of Old Havana, all the action in town was going down at the Casinos.

The gambling haunts had the money to bring in the big name bands, so that’s where people would go to dance.

Cuban style salsa differs from the north american salsa styles in that it is ‘circular’ rather than linear.

The man constantly moves around the woman in a circular dynamic, checking her out and showing her off. Salsa Rueda de Casino (“Salsa Rueda”) Dance Rueda de Casino is the correct name in Spanish.

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