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She debuted with a Korean famous girl group named Wonder Girls which was supervised by JYP Entertainment after two years of training.

The girls group “Wonder Group” gained popularity through their hits “Tell Me”, “Nobody” and “So Hot”. Ahn So Hee’s career as an actress began in her early age with the acting in the short film “The Synesthesia For Oertone Constructon. But when she wanted to gain the title of an actress and a model altogether, her family members suggested her to think about the decision deeply. She gained the opportunity to be a JYP trainee at the age of twelve selected through the auditions.

She was the visual, and former member of the popular South Korean girl group Wonder Girls, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007.

That’s ‘wool’ Hot, hot hot, that’s a ‘hot dog’ God!

K-ent got a dose of hot gossip coming from C-ent this week, with the Chinese media reporting that top Korean star Kim Soo Hyun was planning an April wedding to former singer turned actress Sohee.

The fact that they are not even dating, at least not confirmed though rumors in the past have linked the two, makes this so-called new even more hilarious.

Key East is vigorously denying the rumor and is planning to take legal action.

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Despite the fact she appeared cheerful on the outside. She had willingness to participate any competition, especially when it is a dance competition.

Her parents supported her for all time, without making any doubt about her.

When she was a girl of twelve years, she was selected through auditions and became a JYP trainee.

Couple of months ago, Ahn Sohee announced that she signed with Key East, the same company as Kim Soo Hyun. Sohee and Kim Soo Hee know each other, but they are not dating.

Music: Pop music Cloths: Skirt, leggings, shirt and long coat. * She does not count how many showers she takes a week. * She likes to be called “Fresh Sohee” * Sohee likes Teen Top.

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