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There is also a classification of chrysanthemums by Scott, created in 1951.

Among the scientists-florists it is considered detailed and convenient, but for amateurs it is complex.

In May, after the last date of spring frosts, 2-3 seeds are placed in planting holes located 8-10 inches apart and poured with warm water, and then sprinkle the soil over them, cover the garden beds with a garden fabric to keep the soil warm and moist.

They are grown not only in the gardens, but also in pots, decorating balconies and terraces. Here are the varieties that can be easily grown in the garden: They are frost-resistant perennial chrysanthemums.

The bush is 10-47 inches high, numerous inflorescences of various colors can be both simple and double.

Scientists believe that the widely known florist’s chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum hortorum) appeared as a result of crossing two Asian species – Indian chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum indicum), that comes from Japan, and chrysanthemum morifolium that comes from China.

Chrysanthemum is so popular among the breeders that experiments on breeding of new varieties do not stop, especially since for people chrysanthemum is not just a beautiful flower, but the last rich chord in the autumn symphony of flowers and colors …

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